About Chuck Brennan

With a background that combines finance and music, Chuck Brennan is the founder of Brennan Rock and Roll Academy and a Las Vegas, Nevada-based financial empire. Recognizing that music is a great avenue for many young people to channel their energies, Chuck Brennan started the Academy as a way for children to obtain one-on-one music lessons from talented instructors. In addition to learning how to play music, the Rock and Roll Academy educates young artists about the industry, building confidence and encouraging them to follow their dreams.

A former Boys & Girls Club child, Chuck Brennan offers lessons to children who are participating in that program free of charge. Students will learn discipline through weekly rehearsals and help gain self-esteem through performing for audiences. Chuck Brennan fully believes in the power of music to heal and bring children of all backgrounds together.

Because of his belief in the organization that helped him as a child, Chuck Brennan donated over $500,000 and committed even more to allow children from the Boys & Girls Club to participate in Rock and Roll Academy. Chuck Brennan pledges 20 years of the program.

Chuck Brennan brings this generous philosophy to his two businesses—Dollar Loan Center and Clark County Collection Service, which Chuck Brennan founded and is CEO. Chuck Brennan strives to keep both businesses honest and compassionate. Customer service is the focus of Chuck Brennan and a team that serves locations through Las Vegas, Nevada and the western U.S.

According to Chuck Brennan, Clark County Collection Service was named one of the fastest-growing companies in the country by Entrepreneur magazine. Chuck Brennan incorporates positive advertising into his proven business model, making Dollar Loan Center and Clark County Collection Service among the most successful businesses in the Las Vegas, Nevada area.


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